Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bring on the rain.. we have an ark!

Well- it has been a long time since I have had the chance to sit down and update everyone. Life has been so crazy, hopefully I won’t forget anything.

September 21st at 11:30am Randy and I woke up to loud claps of thunder. I went downstairs and looked out of the garage and saw the water rising up against the garage door. I got Randy to wake up ON HIS DAY OFF to come down and look at the water. As soon as he got down to the window… our feet were wet. For a video of the rising water- click here!

I was having a garage sale- so there was tons of stuff in the garage that just had to be sacrificed. We ran into the next room (Randy’s man cave) and started running things up the stairs to higher ground. Once everything that we could salvage was up a floor… we sat on the back deck in total disbelief of the river in the back yard. We watched trees fall and pool floats from across the street come and go.

So--- our landlord sucks. They had me doing all the leg work in getting quotes for the repair to the house. After 48 hours without any progress I spent my time ripping up the soaking wet carpet to help get some of the water out! I am talking giant puddles here people. Then the landlord idiots decided 3 days later to go with some MORON that has no idea what he is doing in order to save money. One night the Bellard ladies (animals included) packed our bags and stayed with my mother in law because the MORON used a solution of 50-50 bleach and water. Just so you know- that is enough chlorine to cause your eyes to water. The MORON suggested to just open the windows….

This is when our luck turned around! My amazing parents suggested we take advantage of the 8K tax credit and offered to loan us the cash until we get it back in taxes!!! So… I buckled down and contacted a realtor who was amazing and assisted me in my fast paced search for THE house! So…48 hours later, we found THE house and decided to put in an offer. They countered offered LOWER than we had hoped. On top of that we are getting a 2K flooring allowance for the basement, a new roof and they are fixing TONS of odds and ends. We are set to close on October 26th.

In closing, I would like to apologize to all my friends that I have forgotten to call back in the past week! Once we are back to a “normal” schedule… I promise to catch back up with everyone. In the meantime- Madison would love to hang out with you while I pack!

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