Friday, September 4, 2009

Madison's First Play-Group

Today, I woke Miss Madison up and hopped in the car to go to our first play group. I am trying to count how many mommy-baby couples were there... I think it was 8-10.
Madison was so sweet even when some of the more mobile babies would try to take the toy that she was playing with or if they bumped her in a drive by crawling. She only got fussy when a little girl next to her got a bottle and she didn't. She came home with an itty bitty scratch on her face from when one of the little boys was trying to play with her hair- Randy was not amused... (don't worry.. the scratch is all gone now)

I am so excited to be taking this step towards a more social lifestyle. I have something to look forward to in the week! Plus--- nothing is cuter than a room full of babies!

I have officially taken a step towards the light! A friend of mine suggested that I go on and search for playgroups in our area. Madison and I joined two different groups- So far I have only met with one of the groups. I am looking forward to meeting with the second group next weekend for a visit to the Marietta Farmer's Market. (Also- Madison's buddy Thatcher joined one of these groups! YEAH!!!!!)

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