Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Legacy of Friends

Five years ago today, I lost a good friend of mine. Today, like every anniversary of his passing a group of his friends and family meet at the side of the road with candles or balloons and talk to the sky. Tonight I realized something as I made my way home from the annual gathering. I realized that even after 5 years, this group of people are still drawn together by him.

Looking down the table I starting noting all that had changed in the past 5 years-4 marriages, 2 babies, countless college degrees- but one thing still is the same- no matter how long it has been in between visits, everyone can pick up where they left off.

The reason this happens is because of him, because of his memory and because of his amazing family who choose everyday to celebrate his life instead of mourn their loss.

Everyone should hope to be so lucky as to leave behind such a legacy.

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