Friday, August 21, 2009

Let the typos begin!

Today a friend of mine suggested I make "mommy time" for myself each week. For those of you unfamiliar with this term- “mommy time” is a fictional time where a busy mother takes time away from changing diapers and doing the laundry to do something for themselves. This sounds like a great idea until you attempt to implement this concept- and it falls flat. My "mommy time" is dictated by my infant's sleep schedule.

I wanted to do something for me. Now what can this something be? My mommy time needs to be something that can be put on hold when Madison needs her mommy, something that is not judged, and something that is free..... MY something needed to be able to committed to but not need a commitment. Thus, my blog was born.
I don’t care if anyone reads it. I am not writing in order to entertain or inform. This is just a journal. This is MY mommy time!

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